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The need to be able to sell products online for small businesses is growing fast and the illusion from the past is that it isn’t affordable for shop owners.

The infrastructure for this functionality is so embedded into modular websites, it does not cost what it used to. It does, however, allow anyone with the internet to purchase your products anytime they like, whether you are open or not. 

Easily Manage Your Inventory

Managing stock can be one of the most time consuming elements of a products based business. 

By synchronising your stock online, you’ll never have an order you’re unable to for-fill. You’ll also have a lot more time to look at new emerging products rather than tallying up what’s sold, and what’s not!

eCommerce Features

Ability to add products to a catalogue and control all their attributes, such as images, descriptions, prices, shipping prices, categories, technical details etc.

Paypal and Stripe integration to collect payments via the website.

Ability to set and schedule sales (eg. 30% off for 1 month)

Ability to create coupon codes according to your criteria (eg. 1 use, 1 use per customer, percentage-based or a fixed figure, which products they can be applied to and so on)

Flexible shipping settings that can be set according to location and product attributes, such as weight.

Online courses websites allow you to reach customers from every corner of the world and teach them what you know best.

You can have peace of mind that your website will be kept up to date and secure so you don’t ever have to worry. Website repair from attacks are free.

Here you will be able to look through a portfolio of previous web designs with an interactive version of each website.

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