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Luke Doulton

Luke Doulton

Communications Director

“I love technology and the advantages it brings in business. My focus is on improving online user experience and customer journey, continuous improvement of processes usually involving digital transformation and making sense of industry data. I help bridge the gap in communication between the end-user and the development world. My aim is always to find the balance of our client’s industry expertise and our own.”

Daniel Warren

Technical Director

“I’ve been making websites and working with online systems since I was a teenager, in one capacity or another. The first company I set up was an eCommerce business with an almost entirely algorithmic approach to sourcing products, making me a bit of a frustration to some of the sales reps. They didn’t realise that I was, in fact, just a fleshy gatekeeper for the real decision maker: a spreadsheet.”

The Portishead chamber is a local support network designed to help local business communicate with other business in the community. They interviewed one of our Directors who talks about some personal quickfire questions before moving onto the nitty-gritty of what we do and why we do it!

You can find out more about how all of our websites work, what’s included and most importantly, what’s best for you.

You can have peace of mind that your website will be kept up to date and secure so you don’t ever have to worry. Website repair from attacks are free.

Marketing options have expanded in the last decade and the most efficient methods are online. Data can drive your marketing to a new level.

How you look from the outside can be the difference between someone leaving the page or making an enquiry. You can make sure that whichever angle someone looks at you, your company image is consistently high quality.

Luke Doulton

Luke Doulton

My background in IT Recruitment taught me the importance of technology as well as how online infrastructure was used in a variety of industries and different sized companies.

I got to learn the intricacies of how businesses were operating and the technology that they used to perform efficiently. It also put me in a good position to compare which of these changes worked, most of which involved some form of digital transformation. On top of this, the most important tool I always swore by was our own client relationship management system.

After a reasonable time working in recruitment, I decided to set up my own recruitment service. I wanted to provide a recruitment process that focused on candidate personality profiling while matching this to the persona of the company hiring them. This was an ambitious task though and let’s just say I learnt a lot from that experience.

The biggest challenge wasn’t making the process, it was getting businesses to try a completely new approach to recruitment. I did, however, find this taught me the importance of marketing and getting your message out there.

It was through this venture I met Daniel Warren who I recruited a member of staff for Daniels business at the time. Over a period of working together and sometimes exchanging of services, we realised our working ethic and long term goals were the same but our skill sets were vastly different. We made a decision to team up in January 2018 to focus on Free Range web and there has been no looking back since!

Daniel Warren

The first professional, web-related project I had was to convert a fairly “old-school” pamphlet-style website into an eCommerce shop, capable of processing orders, and then to perform rudimentary online marketing. I also set my employer up to sell products through other channels like Amazon and eBay. I realised that there was a bounty of public information available online on what products are selling, how much for and how frequently, and that we could use that data to drive buying decisions. This was the central idea that spawned my first company, and it worked.

Later on, somewhere in the mix, I encountered the then owner and director of Free Range Web. Free Range took an interest in what I was doing and how I had carved out a living at the time, and brought me on as a consultant for their clients, particularly for all things eCommerce. I’d then go on to manage projects and do some development work for the company.

Together with the then owner, I set up a construction company that built a funnel of leads entirely through its website and a year of online marketing efforts. Finding myself a little redundant once that was done, as well as unhappy with the way things were going on the operations side, I left, trading my half of the company for Free Range Web.

By this point, I’d been working with Luke Doulton as a partner for recruitment. We were like-minded when it came to our ethics and how we thought a business should operate but with very different, and complimenting, skills. We decided to team up and have approached building this company with a philosophy of simplicity and consistency, avoiding the kind of issues I’d seen in the construction industry. We have fixed product codes, prices and parameters for all of our services and avoid any “bespoke” deal, which is what allows us to live up to our promises.