Website Translator : Why Offer Multi-Lingual Online Content

Owning a business in the UK you may think that you only need your website to be in British English. To some extent you may be right. But it depends on the service or product you offer and who you target audience are. If you only offer your web pages in English you will be limiting your audience and customer base to English people. Should you really want your product or service to go global, hire a website translator to create content in multiple languages for you.

If your website is only in English it will never come up in the search engine results for any country where English is not the first spoken language. Results will only be shown if the person searching adds a search enquiry in English. So, you are automatically stopping people from other countries from finding your content. But the big question is how many languages you should ask your website translator to concentrate on. Why have a website in Spanish or Chinese if you cannot answer customers in these languages if they mail you with a question?

Website TranslatorWebsite Translator : For Global Selling Power

When you use the services of a website translator you will achieve global selling power. Your will potentially be able to sell your product to anyone anywhere. If you have a stock of products and an online store, it is perfectly feasible to be able to sell them to people abroad without being able to speak the language they use. The online shopping cart will produce the same orders, no matter what language is used.

The more languages you offer on your website, the wider your audience. Let’s take an example where more than one language really is an advantage; Real Estate. People who invest in property in the UK are not just British people. Many people come from abroad and will be attracted by your website if it is translated into their language. You could use the services of the same translator to reply to customer mails in languages other than British.

When you offer your services in more than one language, expanding your company is much easier. Only offering your text in English is severely limiting to your business expansion. The languages you decide on for your website will depend on the service or product you offer.


Unless you have a company that is locally based and offers a service only to locals, it is worthwhile hiring a website translator. Even when you only run a local business, you will find that many of your customers will not actually be British. Offering a website in their language will allow them to confide in you and feel comfortable doing business with you.

The more languages your website has, the more expensive the design will be. So, discuss your needs with your local web design experts in Bristol to find the most economical way to offer your services in more than one language. A website in more than one language will be found in not just English search engines, but those of other countries, automatically expanding your customer base and potential sales.


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