Traditional Websites

Traditional Websites to Showcase Your Services

The clarity and design of a traditional website can make or break first impression because how often do you work with someone without researching them online?

Segmenting your message into bite size chunks will help your customers easily navigate the information that they need increasing their interest in you.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional website to help generate leads or to build your online credibility, the key is for your site to be optimised for humans and the design needs to be driven by customer data.

Having a call to action makes you easier to contact you wherever they’re are displayed on your website. With so many online distractions, you need to be contactable the moment they think about this. 

What’s more important though, is that the information you ask for in the form is relevant to the topic of the page. 

Lead Generating Websites

Online Credibility

Having online credibility is about a lot more than looking looking stylish. As search engines get closer to being able to think like a human, they learn to recognise which websites are the most relevant.  Metrics like the time spent on each page and the search term used to find them help give an indication of this. 

Building your website with this in mind means your traditional site will be easy to read for humans, as well as search engines. 

Having your shop on the internet allows you to sell to your customers 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You can synchronise stock, create new product pages and promotions easily. 

Having a website can be expensive but you can flatten your financial costs when getting online with our pay monthly and subscription options.

You can have peace of mind that your website will be kept up to date and secure so you don’t ever have to worry. Website repair from attacks are free.

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