eLearning Websites

Sell Your Courses Online

With eLearning websites, you can easily sell your courses to anyone with the internet without taking up any more of your time.

You can build your existing courses and include all the perks your customers expect. You can include exams with automated certifications, dynamic support content tailored to each student. There’s even course specific forums and knowledge-bases for them can take advantage of.

By digitising your courses, you can reach more people, have better data on your sales and better cash-flow. You can also control and monetise enrolment, drip-feed content to students and reward their progress.

Engaging with the customer is always important, but with eLearning websites it’s essential because you won’t bring any value to your customer otherwise.

 By drip feeding content at crucial stages within the course, you can keep you students attention. You can create automatic, prompts, renewal notifications and other triggers based on the students behaviour. 

Build Powerful, Engaging Content

Advanced Quizzing and Testing

As well as being able to deliver and track coursework, you can create tests to re-enforce and measure learning performance. 

You can customise the message based on each students quiz performance so the content is dynamic and can cater to a varied audience. 

You can also create a knowledge base of questions so your students have more automated support saving you time and money and providing a consistent service.

Marketing options have expanded in the last decade and the most efficient methods are online. Data can drive your marketing to a new level.

Having a website can be expensive but you can flatten your financial costs when getting online with our pay monthly and subscription options.

You can have peace of mind that your website will be kept up to date and secure so you don’t ever have to worry. Website repair from attacks are free.

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