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If your website has been up and running for some years, chances are that it won’t be mobile friendly. As the current generation use smartphones more and more and many people do not own a computer, it is essential that your website caters for mobile users. Mobile-friendly websites  from your local web agency Bristol are lighter, with smaller images, and they are quicker to load. Whereas you may have the patience to wait for a website to load if you are sat with your computer, you won’t with a smartphone. Shopping on the move or browsing are common, and you need to accommodate this growing trend.

Not only are old-fashioned sites slower to load, they are also penalised by Google. All websites need to be optimised for phones nowadays, or you need a mobile version of your website. So, do you choose to keep your existing site and build a mobile one too, or should you adapt your site so that it is lightweight and mobile friendly? This is a question your web agency Bristol can answer for you.

Web Agency Bristol : Sound Advice on How to Improve your Online Presence

Whether your existing site needs to be moved across to a lighter weight version, or if you need a brand new site is something your local web agency Bristol can help you with. If your existing website is old, and has not had any new content for a long time, it is often better to start from scratch. But don’t worry; people who use your existing website will be redirected automatically to your fresh new content.

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When discussing your website needs, a mobile friendly version is not the only thing you will need. You will also need a site that is easy to navigate around, that is accessibility friendly, and that is optimised so that it is found by search engines. If you are currently paying for advertising to boost your website’s ranking, you are throwing money down the drain. Paid adverts are for big companies who can afford them. For smaller companies, an SEO optimized site will work efficiently at improving your rankings without you being charged every time someone clicks on your site.

Your web agency Bristol can help you with all areas of your online campaign, not just your website. As well as having a website, you most likely have some social media pages too. But, are your social media pages and website connected? If not, then people still may never have the chance to find you or purchase from you.

Your website is more and more important every day. More and more people shop online, sand some people now no longer shop in stores on the high street at all. So, contact us here at Free Range Web today to discuss your website needs. Monthly packages are affordable yet effective, and they will bring you the results you really need and a ranking in the search engines that is not costing you dearly with paid advertisements.

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