Virtual Private Servers

What is a VPS?

A VPS is a virtual private server which works in exactly the same way as a separate server would. Physical servers are very expensive to buy and more so to run. With a VPS, you don’t share any bandwidth or processing power, meaning that you’ll never find yourself battling for bandwidth with other websites. As well as partitioning off your own bandwidth and processing power, a VPS also gives you complete security, making it even more difficult to hack or see what you’re doing online by unwanted parties. 

Our fully managed VPS service

With the servers we supply, we give all our customers complete control over their software environment, full autonomy and privacy (even we have no access to your network). We give full terminal access where you can host as many of your own sites as you wish.

Why Choose us


Small to medium sized businesses may prefer UK based VPS hosting for the extra control it provides, compared to more common shared hosting packages, where the environment is more pre-determined. At the same time, a virtual private server comes at a fraction of the price of a dedicated server. In a nutshell, a VPS provides the flexibility of a dedicated server without the hefty price tag.

Competitive pricing 

We are always keeping our eyes out for new and better value supplies without compromising the quality level. We use most of the technologies we supply ourselves.

Phone Support 

When things go wrong and you have to deal with an email only ticket system, it can be hugely stressful. We are available from 9-5 Monday to Friday over the phone and provide 24 hour email support. Although we are not open on weekends, if you did have a serious problem and tried to get in touch, it is highly likely we will be able to assist you on the same day.

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