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Social Media Marketing can open up new revenue streams for your business and enhances your Google rankings.

Free Range Web offer a number of services to help promote your business and provide cost-effective packages for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Our management packages are tailored to suit all budgets. We work with businesses large and small to help you make new connections online. We can help you set up your social media accounts and we can manage your social media for you on a monthly basis.

Our services include:

  • Strategic planning and implementation of a strong marketing strategy.
  • Training to ensure highly effective in-house management of your social media marketing strategy.

Companies will often outsource marketing not because it’s complicated, but more because it’s time consuming. Depending on the nature of your business, it can be a cost efficient solution to free up your time to concentrate on what you do best. You can run your business, safe in the knowledge that all your social media presence is being well taken care of.

Backlink Status Check

Here’s a quick and easy way to check your current backlink status online:

  1. Go to the Google homepage (Sign out if you are signed in to gmail and hit F5 to Refresh)
  2. Type in your full web address, surrounded by quotation marks, eg. “”
  3. This will product a sample of the links pointing back to your website

For more on backlinking as part of our SEO service, where we compile complete lists of both your own and competitor’s backlinks, feel free to call us on 0800 999 8339.

Social Media Marketing Training

Free Range also deliver a range of Social Media training modules for companies looking to train staff in-house to take care of their Social Media Marketing needs.

This training is completely bespoke and tailored to the specific social media requirements of your organisation.

Training is delivered on-site or via Skype and is an extremely cost-effective way of ensuring your social media needs are being taken care of on a daily basis.

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