Search Engine Optimisation

What is SEO?

Our hands-on approach to SEO is defined by manual effort, not blind automation. Rather than trying to “game” search engines, we make sure that your website is working with them to check all their boxes.

  • Is your content clear, broken down and relevant to your customers?
  • Does your website use structured data, also known as a schema markup, to separate the types of content you’re presenting?
  • Are you targeting the right search terms for your products and services?
  • Is there plenty of evidence online, beyond your own content, that your website is the real deal?

We work with our clients to put all of this in place and more, though keyword optimisation, content marketing, social media marketing and good quality backlinks.

We’re always keen to meet new businesses and learn about their projects, and our initial meeting and consultation is always free.

Every new website or SEO plan begins with Intelligent keyword analysis. We uncover your most lucrative keywords (the words used most by your potential customers in their Google searches) and cross reference them against the competition for that keyword. Once we have uncovered keywords that are both lucrative and achievable we embed them into your site and structure new pages and content around them. Then, the next time a potential customer searches Google using those keywords, your website will appear in a far better position.

Keyword Analysis


We make a number of changes to your website pages based on our Intelligent keyword analysis to optimise them for search engines. We ensure that all your keywords are in the correct place for Google to find them and at the perfect density. We offer content writing services to ensure your site contains a wealth of interesting information for your potential customers.

We offer a comprehensive range of link building services, from local business listings, PR news syndication, social outreach,  business directory submissions and writing articles for niche online magazines in your business sector. This means that we can get you to the top of Google for your most lucrative keywords and increase your business profile.

Link Building Services

Social Media

As part of our off-page SEO service, we can also provide social media marketing management. Our SEO experts will engage with your target audience through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many other social media sites to increase your online presence and bring in new business for you through these worthy social media channels.

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