Online Market Research

Online Market Research that Outlines Your Competitors Digital Footprint

Knowing who your competitors are, where they rank and what online activities are helping them can deliver real value in marketing.

By analysing quantitative and qualitative data, you can find your market trends and your competitor’s online movements so you can plan your own.

Competitor keyword research compares where you rank for key phrases in comparison to your competitors to help decide where the most focus is needed. The first stage though should be gathering any measurable metrics out there about your company and your competitors.

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Learn how your Digital Footprint Affects You

Secondly, you’ll want to know what your digital footprint looks like and the effect that’s having on your online credibility. Being connected to other sites with backlinks will generally help show search engines you’re real. It’s no longer a case of numbers though, it’s a case of how relevant the link is. 

You’ll be able to get an overview of your online health by looking at how your domain authority, Alexa ranking and other important metrics look in comparison to other companies in your market.

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Learn from your Industry Leaders

Being able to see which backlinks and online associations have helped your competitor means you can learn from their successes and their mistakes without any of the risk.

Competitor backlinks

By integrating a CRM to your website, you can keep track of your customers easily and any communication you have with them in future too.

It’s difficult to take someones word you’ve never met. That why you can easily access our google reviews. 

There are a number of social media channels you may benefit from being active on. It’s also important that your pages match the rest of your online brand. 

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