CRM Integration

CRM Integration through Your Website

Most companies receive hundreds of website visits every month but only get a handful of enquiries. 

By integrating a CRM to your website, you can retain customer data and reach out to them with information on products they showed an interest in, all in one centralised system.

Let Customer Data Drive your Strategy by Integrating Your WordPress Website with your CRM

Other than organising your contacts and communication, it also tracks information that helps you identify the customers interest through the website. The data includes which pages they spent the most time looking at and how many times they revisited that page.

You can get to know your customer’s persona by analysing your website traffic and their behaviours. Having this data allows you to plan targeted marketing campaigns for products and services you know are of interest to them.

Never Lose a Prospect, no Matter How They Contact You

Any customer who sends you an email will have any communication on their CRM profile automatically. If you didn’t have their details previously, the CRM will create a profile automatically. This includes any calendar meetings, documents or contracts you send so your team can always see the full picture.

You can also schedule a reminder to follow up an email as you send it because it’s easy to loose track when you’re busy!

If you need to have multiple pages or more complicated functionality, this web design package might be better option.

How you look from the outside can be the difference between someone leaving the page or making an enquiry. You can make sure that whichever angle someone looks at you, your company image is consistently high quality.

Logo’s are often overthought and simplicity stands out. You can have one made from our library or bespoke from our designer to make sure it gives your customers the company feel they’d expect.

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