Data Driven Digital Marketing that Helps get Your Message to the Right People

Marketing is all about research when creating online content. Market and keyword research services improve results because it helps you choose which areas to focus on and the terminology you use to promote them.

By looking at search engine data on keywords and phrases, you can see what terms are best to use in your content. That’s because you can measure the competition and the amount of interest that keyword gets. In addition, you can learn from your competitor’s online footprint and both tie into the direction of any marketing you do.

Marketing Copywriting Services

Optimising marketing copy to your audience is the new way to improve your contents ranking because every blog, web page or post is a digital signpost to your company. You can make sure copywriting is personalised to your customers in the terminology they relate to while using words with the least competition so you can be easily found.

Keyword Research Services for Online Marketing

There are a number of important areas to consider when doing keyword research for online marketing. Firstly, you'll need to know how much your services are being searched for and in what terminology. That's because there's normally more than one phrase used to find a service. Secondly, you'll need to know how much competition there is online so you can decide what's realistic word you could rank for. Thirdly and most importantly though is how those keywords are trending over time. That's because these phrases can be used in web page content, posts, blogs or any other marketing material you create and investing content space for dying topics can ruin your return on investment.

Marketing based on Online Market Research

Being able to formulate a blueprint of emerging trends based on prehistoric data can give a huge advantage in marketing. Having an insight into what your customers are searching for and where you rank for those keywords will help you choose your words more wisely.

Online Market Research

Digital Content Strategy

Having a digital content strategy helps you focus on the channels you get the best return on investment from by maximising the interest you generate. That's because you can plan your buyer's journey and take them through from awareness, through to relatable content followed by enquiry inspiring marketing. It also ensures consistency in your online appearance so your customers know you're always there.

CRM Integration makes Inbound Marketing Easier

You can't have an effective digital content strategy without good customer data. You can integrate your website with a CRM system so you'll have a profile of anyone who makes an enquiry.

Monitor which customers are spending the most time on your website and keep them up to date with relevant marketing.

Monitoring customers interest on your website gives you insight on their buying intent. You’ll also be able to keep in touch with future services that are targeted towards that customer’s interests making digital marketing easier and more effective.

CRM integration customer website monitoring

You can see which keywords or phrases are being used by your customers to find your services on search engines and adapt the way you present yourself online.

Logo’s are often overthought and simplicity stands out. You can have one made from our library or bespoke from our designer to make sure it gives your customers the company feel you’d expect.

There are a number of social media channels you may benefit from being active on. It’s also important that your pages match the rest of your online brand. 

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