LinkedIn Training

Benefits of LinkedIn training

We provide LinkedIn training to both individuals and businesses because LinkedIn is the biggest business based social media platforms in the world. It provides it’s users with an effective way of connecting with prospects, potential hires and allows you to showcase your own services simultaneously. 

It’s a hugely comprehensive system which when used properly can deliver great results. Its often not used to its full potential though as a result of its diverse capabilities. 

All our training courses are bespoke and we provide free consultations to fully understand what you’re goals on the platform are. Based on the consultation, we create a training course to suit these requirements and offer training on or off site.

The reason we do it this way is to ensure the course focuses on the features that help you achieve your goals. This saves us covering unnecessary features and quickly allows you to make the most out the platform without going through a trial and error process. 

Why Choose us

As well as managing a portfolio of our clients’ LinkedIn accounts, our background in recruitment technology gives us access to experienced LinkedIn users who have expanded our training capabilities in this field.

Course focus areas

  • Recruitment
  • Connection Expansion Strategy
  • Contacting prospects
  • LinkedIn Groups
  • Content Management
  • Searching best practices¬†
  • Templates for introductions, In-mails, prospects and candidates
  • ¬†Consultancy on LinkedIn and premium accounts
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