Link Building

Relevant, Organic Backlinks

Free Range use manual, well-established methods to seek out high quality links for your website. This includes analysing your competition to learn where the best links for your industry are.

What we do:

  • Make sure your website is listen in the top directories – Yell, Scoop etc.
  • Analyse competition
  • Provide consultation on how your general marketing efforts can lead to good links
  • Draw your attention to good opportunities, where acquiring a link would require direct action from you
  • Clean out material that could be damaging your ranking
  • Provide monthly, comprehensive reports

What we don’t do:

  • Take a “quantity over quality” approach.
  • Rely on automation or botnets
  • Put links to your website on any weak or spammy directories

Why Build Links?

Link building is creating links from other websites that point back to your own. It’s SEO common wisdom that you should do this. What you might be wondering, though, is what’s the point?

Search Engines want to provide users with meaningful, relevant search results. They want to give us not only what we’re looking for but the best examples of what we’re looking for. So when Google indexes your site, before it considers putting you anywhere near the top, it wants to know a couple of things:

Who/what is this website for, and is it what it claims to be?

Since anyone can make a website claiming to be anything, Google has to sleuth out its answers from more than the site alone. The key to good SEO is making sure the clues are there to be found. For one example, joining an accreditation group for your industry and gaining a link from their website to yours is likely to improve your ranking. This is because only a real company, working in your industry, could have had it put there. It’s public evidence that you’re the real deal, which search engines will find and pick up on.

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