Keyword Research

Understanding Your Market with Keyword Research

Free Range Web have been helping businesses understand the keyphrases their potential clients use to find their services online since 2012. Keywords are the words your potential clients are using to search for you online. Your business should have a digital strategy, listing all your keywords and how they can be incorporated into the company website.

You can also view our Content Marketing page for more information.

Keyword Analysis

The first stage is to do a detailed keyword report to find all the keywords that your potential customers might type into search engines like Google to find businesses like yours. This will create a long list of keywords and search terms, offset against the strength of the competition.  Once this list has been created, it can be analysed.

Keyword Strategy

We target keywords that are lucrative, achievable and searched for by clients who are close to making a buying decision.

Highly competitive keywords are normally targeted via Google Adwords, unless your company website is already powerful (i.e. fast downloading, responsive, lots of useful, informative content, great social media and quality, niche backlinks). By analysing all relevant factors and comparing your site with your closest competitors, Free Range can provide you with a full keyword report and collaborate with you to create a final list of keywords that are both profitable and achievable.

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