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internet marketing bristol

Internet Marketing is all about making your business more money through your company website, and it is very easy and inexpensive to do. You can expect at least £10 back for every £1 you invest in our online marketing Bristol service and results can come quickly if you invest well. Simply speaking, to make money via your website you need to have a website that is highly visible on the search engines.

The higher you appear on the search engines for your keywords (e.g. web design Bristol) the more people will find your website and the more money you will make.

Brochure Websites Are DEAD!

95% of companies still have brochure websites. These are websites that are completely invisible on the search engines. The only way you can find them is by typing in their company name or by typing in the whole web address. This is not going to bring them more customers. A Brochure website is the equivalent of hiring a lazy sales rep who just sits in the office, drinking coffee, and waiting for the phone to ring. Whereas, what you want is a team of sales people that are cold calling, sending out emails, visiting potential clients and generally being extremely dynamic. This dynamic website is called a ‘search engine optimised’ website and is what our Online Marketing Bristol based expert have been specialising in for over 16 years.

Each page of your website can be an individual ‘sales rep’ for your company and you can have as many as you want; working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, bringing in new leads that are 100% qualified.
The people drawn in to your website have already shown an interest in your product or service by typing its name into Google. This means that every visitor is pre-qualified before they arrive.

It’s time to have a website that really works hard for you, instead of an old style brochure website that sits online doing nothing for your business.

How do I find out if I have a brochure website?

Type words into the Google search bar that you would expect your potential clients to type in. Not your company name, but words like ‘accountants Bristol’ that relate to your company’s location and its services. If you can’t see your website in the top few results then you have an invisible brochure website that is doing your business no good at all.

If a company decided to set up a brand new shop in the middle of the woods surrounded by tall trees and brambles instead of on a busy high street, would you think they were crazy? And yet still people are spending good money on websites that will hardly every be glimpsed by the buying public.

online marketing bristol

What is the alternative to being invisible?

Once your site has been search engine optimised, our Internet Marketing Bristol service can get to work promoting your business on the world wide web.

Every one of your lucrative products or services will have its own website page (your ‘virtual sales rep’) that has been designed around the key words for that product. Free Range will promote those keywords and promote your company as a whole. This will enhance your online profile and improve the position you appear on the search engines for those keywords, which means more people will find you and you will make more money.

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