Google Adwords

Googe adwords

For instant results you can invest in Google Adwords to get to the top of Page one of Google straight away.
The Google Adverts are the top three results on any page and they get around 10% of the clicks. You only pay if people click on your advert, so this can be a great way to get fast results if you are looking to boost your traffic overnight.
Here at Free Range we offer a complete Google Adwords Management service on a monthly basis and we assist clients in a number of different ways
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Page optimisation

Each landing page (that is the page of your website people will land on after they click your Google Ad) has to have a good quality score. It needs to be relevant and give the user information about the product or service they have searched Google for. For example, if they have searched for ‘wrought iron garden furniture’ then the landing page has to be relevant to that search. The more relevant a page is, the higher the Quality score from Google:

We write and design landing pages for clients to ensure the very best possible quality score and also to help ensure the page does its job and converts the potential client into a buyer.

Cost Effective Advertising

Free Range will help you to find keywords that are inexpensive to promote and where the potential client is closer to the buying decision.
For example, people searching ‘garden furniture’ are more likely to be ‘window shopping’, whereas people typing in ‘wrought iron garden furniture’ are much more serious about making a purchase. This means that you wont spend as much per click to target these buyers and they are actually much more likely to make a purchase.

Negative keywords

We use negative keywords to ensure you don’t pay for irrelevant clicks. For example, so that you don’t pay for people who are looking for ‘wrought iron garden furniture seat covers’ or ‘wrought iron garden furniture paint’ we add negative keywords into the project (-paint, -seat covers)so that Google wont show them your advert. This saves clients lots of money and ensures every last bit of budget is invested wisely.

Location Location Location

If certain areas are full of your potential clients we can target that specific area for you to ensure you get the best return on investment.
We can target by town or by radius to ensure we get you just the right amount of coverage for your business.

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