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Professional eCommerce Consultancy Services

There are so many far-flung pieces to fit together in eCommerce. From juggling sales channels to order fulfilment, our eCommerce consulting services have proven invaluable to our clients.

The biggest appeal of eCommerce, by far, is the freedom that it offers. On the face of it, it even seems too good to be true. You can set up your supply chain from Beijing to Birmingham with a few clicks of a mouse and a couple of Skype calls. You can sell internationally with virtually no overheads. You can ship hundreds of orders a day without having to get off the sofa or take on a single employee.

All of this is technically true. But scepticism, in the face of such starry-eyed wonders, is not unwise. As you may have noticed, most people have not quit their jobs to put all their life savings into an Etsy store. There’s good reason for this, in spite of all the benefits mentioned above. To build and maintain such a machine is no small or simple task! This is where we come in with our eCommerce consultancy.

One of the key aspects of any eCommerce business is outsourcing. You’re taking lots of different services and software, from different suppliers, and fitting them all together like the cogs in a clock. With our experience and expertise in eCommerce consultancy, we know what cogs you need and where to get them from. Our eCommerce business consultants provide help with:

Fulfilment Services

Who will be storing your inventory and processing orders for you? There’s a good chance you’ve heard of the world’s biggest provider. Fulfilment by Amazon, or FBA, which is an excellent resource for selling on Amazon in particular. We think of it as “Amazon on Easy Mode.” Importantly, though, FBA’s fees climb considerably when selling through other channels. Also, FBA is so ubiquitous that other providers need to think much harder about what incentives they can offer you. For these two reasons, it’s well worth looking into alternatives.


If you plan to sell on more websites than one (and why wouldn’t you?) we’ll help you to automate this process. Stock levels need to stay accurate across the board to ensure a good customer experience. Also, if you use one or more fulfilment houses, then we’ll make sure orders get forwarded to the right people automatically. There are many software solutions in this area – we know them all and can set you up with the best.

User Interfaces

We’ll train you and your staff in how to use the seller dashboards of various online market places. Training will include how to list products, how to download reports and so on, as well as any additional software that we’ve set up for you.

Online Marketplaces

Each marketplace has its own economy, with its own unique landscape. What is niche and lucrative in the wider world may not be as lucrative on eBay, for example, and vice versa. We understand those landscapes and how to map them out. Additionally, each website has its own potential stumbling blocks. We know the hidden dangers and we’ll help you avoid them.

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