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digital marketing bristol

Free Range is a digital agency Bristol based, but with clients worldwide. We specialise in Digital Marketing for SMEs, Sole Traders, Contractors, Charities, and Not For Profit Groups.
Unlike some of the larger more expensive digital agencies in Bristol, we are a virtual company, working together using cloud-based technology. This means you get the same excellent service at a fraction of the price.
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We have focused on what we do best and turn down work that is not in our niche area. To maintain the highest of standards in a quickly evolving digital world we have focused on our core strengths and believe our strategies are the best possible use of budget.

What We Do:

As a leading digital marketing agency Bristol with 16 years’ experience, we focus on low cost, high return areas of digital marketing and ensure clients get the very most from their spend.

Our fee is £60+VAT per hour and clients decide how much work they want us to do on a monthly basis or as part of a one-off campaign.

digital agency bristol

What We Don’t Do:

  • SMS Campaigns
  • Banner Ads
  • TV or Radio Adverts

Of course, we can source these services, but they will be outsourced as they are not part of our core range of services. We always ensure we deliver the best possible digital marketing Bristol service and to do this, we have to deliver what we think is best for our core client base.

For example, we believe that we will deliver a much better return on investment to our clients than if they spent the same money on a radio or TV advert. These kind of advertising approaches are a dying art because they shower the whole market. For example, a TV, Radio or Newspaper advert is of interest to around 2% of the audience, whereas when someone looks for your products or services on Google 100% of them are interested in your products or services.

We believe in self-segmentation of target markets through their search behaviour. As a person searches for a product by typing it into Google, we ensure our clients have a page of their website dedicated to that particular product for the potential client to find. By providing useful, informative content that Google loves, we engage the potential customer and help turn them into a client.

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