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content marketing bristol

By creating blogs, articles, FAQs and other web pages around your business keywords you enable more potential customers to find you through the search engines.
More people finding you means extra profits for your business so it’s in every businesses’ best interests to ensure they have an effective content marketing strategy.
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What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is about adding content to your site that targets, and ‘speaks’ to your potential clients, in order to turn them into customers without being self-promotional. It is also about writing content that encourages existing customers to become repeat buyers.

Content Marketing is about distributing content that is:

  • Useful
  • Relevant
  • Engaging
  • Informative

It is not about writing salesy, self-promotional literature.

“People surfing the net are ignoring Google Ads, brushing over display ads and unfollowing Twitter accounts that are sales-oriented. What people want is unbiased, relevant information.”

Whatever product or service you offer, you should be aware of all the ‘indirect sales’ keywords relevant to your business and write content around those search terms (key words or phrases) to draw people in. Our content marketing Bristol service can supply a full keyword report from just £120+VAT  to enable you to make a resounding in-house success of your content marketing.

Here are a few ideas on how to engage in content marketing:

  • An IFA could write about the changes to pensions and stock market news.
  • An Accountant could write about how to register as a limited company and changes to tax legislation.
  • A Rotisserie company could write about how to cook a hog roast or rotisserie chicken basting recipes.
  • A Garden Furniture company could write about preserving outdoor furniture or the best paints for wrought iron garden furniture.

content marketing

The idea is to write unique, fresh content around your business and not be at all salesy. You can use keyword and brand hyperlinks within the content and have your business website links appearing around the side of the article, but essentially you are convincing the potential client (and the search engines) that you are providing useful, informative content that will:

  • Grab people’s attention
  • Make them think
  • Warn them
  • Teach them
  • …and convince them that you are a trustworthy and reliable brand.

Our Content Marketing Bristol service covers everything from the initial keyword research, the on page SEO, the keyword rich article writing and the Social Media Syndication and Marketing of those articles.

Our monthly service will provide you with regular, targeted, information-rich posts that will improve your online success by drawing more customers to you and improving your visibility on the search engines.

Regularly monthly content marketing posts start from just £60+VAT each and regular monthly packages from £400+VAT each.

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