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marketing collectiveFree Range work with highly experienced partners to deliver the very best full service umbrella marketing

Our local and 850+ European team have decades of experience and are more cost effective than hiring staff. They can be employed on an hourly or daily basis, or as part of an ongoing project.

john chablo

John Chablo

PPC Campaign Manager
Google Adwords
Bing Ads
Facebook Ads
Twitter Ads

John is an expert at setting up successful Google Adwords campaigns that will make the very best use of your advertising budget and will draw in the right potential customers to your website.
By ensuring your adverts are attention-grabbing, astutely targeted and tightly focused, John will deliver a Google Adwords campaign that is highly effective and delivers a great return on investment.

John gained experience in a wide range of industries, including industrial process control, retail security and electronic components, before venturing into self-employment. He is director of a vending business and a local property development company, both still currently trading.

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John started using AdWords personally when he set up some dating websites, and soon realised that to do it properly needed months of study.

So that’s what he did. He became Google certified after taking the exams and not long after, realised that many other people were in the same situation as he had been months before, grappling with a complex advertising platform but perhaps without the time to thuroughly educate themselves. So he set up to help other companies get the best out of their Google AdWords campaigns, just as he had.

AdWords is still constantly evolving and changing, which keeps him on his toes, and he find it a very exciting area to be involved in.


· Highly targeted and relevant leads

· Works immediately

· Only guaranteed way to get on page 1 of Google

· Great reporting, tracking and metrics

· Highly measurable

· Very scalable

As a certified AdWords consultant, John does all of the work on the accounts, rather than leaving it to junior employees. As a Google Partner, he is monitored by Google to ensure an ongoing high standard of customer care and performance for the client. And with no fixed contract, he has every reason to keep on working hard, which he wouldn't have any other way.

Chris Kenber

Chris Kenber

Business Coaching

Running a business or making career choices is often a lonely place to be.

But it doesn't have to be like that.

Entrepreneur Martin Dell got in touch and this is his experience: "Without a doubt, coaching with Chris has been THE most impactful activity in my business and personal life."

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It's very common at times to feel isolated and overwhelmed, lacking in support, resource or even appreciation. Ambitious professionals deserve to have the best tools and techniques to overcome the obstacles they face.

I have helped literally hundreds of business people move forward faster than they could on their own, passing on the experience I have had in running my own businesses, and in exiting from them profitably.

My coaching support is tailored to provide outside perspective and personal accountability - so that the way forward becomes clear and exciting. I coach people to have the motivation, the confidence and the clarity they need to take the steps to achieve and sustain top performance. Based in Bristol, I have been a professionally trained business and career coach since 2003.

You don't have to do it alone.

So why wait?

If you think I may be able to help you, I'd love to hear from you in confidence via email: or, if you prefer, do call me on 07834 226583.

martin bridges

Martin Bridges

Bespoke Databases

Martin removes or speeds up repetitive tasks within organisations by standardising data entry, getting rid of duplicating procedures and replacing it with a bespoke database that satisfies the requirements of everyone in the company (and external partners too if required).
These streamlined systems improve efficiency and reduce costs.
These bespoke databases are built on Apple’s FileMaker, which works perfectly on iPads too for those business people on the move.
Get more done, remove the need for costly monthly software fees and free up your workforce for more profitable tasks.

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Martin started off a lifetime ago in design and incorporated marketing. He gained experience with a number of clients from diverse business models; retail, wholesale, import/export, manufacturing, engineering, toys, healthcare, service, charity, print, the list goes on.

Unsurprisingly, his projects involved paperwork. Bigger projects involved more paperwork, managing workflow, teams and even greater bureaucracy. Senior management involved all the paperwork needed to co-ordinate all the teams, processes, subcontractors and projects, collating all the info to submit returns, and probably more paperwork. Did we mention paperwork?

Martin became an experienced office manager when there was only one phone in an office, and a typist with a manual typewriter. He devised forms. Forms for everything - to speed up repetitive tasks and standardise data entry. Procedures - to create the logic behind the form filling and streamline 'systems' before the computer hijacked the word.

When computers started to become mainstream, word processing became king. Typists became a thing of the past. Previously, we had automated our forms, but these automated forms couldn't add up, sort, filter or do anything save to present non-hand-written paperwork.

Spreadsheets were better. They could add up, filter, sort and present things in a logical, visual way. Yet even they were frustratingly limited.

Martin first used database software for a mail merge. A table (aka. spreadsheet) of first/last names and addresses were linked to a table (aka. another spreadsheet) of preferences and then another table of mail merge letters were used to pull names from the first and send out personalised letters.

When a company was producing invoices in Word by cutting and pasting bits of info from various spreadsheets, and taking half an hour to do each one, he thought there must be a better way. He thought: 'database'. This automation resulted in the paperwork for over a dozen orders received overnight being processed the next morning in 15 minutes. Involving invoices (formatted in the company's style); self adhesive mailing labels (with the company's logo and return address); picking lists; any 3rd party orders (emailed through); and updated stock levels, sales sheets and reordered stock if levels passed a certain point. The database was then developed to produce swing labels for the shop, point of sale promotional material. In fact all of the 'paperwork' needed to run an entire company.

That was over 15 years ago. Martin now does the above for companies still wrestling with Word, spreadsheets and off-the-shelf software.

Matt Ward

Matt Ward

Online Video Production

Matt Ward is an independent media specialist who has been producing video content for ten years. With a BBC background, he has filmed all over the world from the rain forests of Nicaragua to hotel kitchens in Cumbria.
Working on some of the biggest household brands from Unilever to Lexus, Matt creates engaging video content that helps drive sales. Matt loves to get stuck into a new project. It’s the variety of clients that he works with that drives his enthusiasm for delivering great results. When Matt is not in the office, he loves spending time with his wife and two daughters enjoying the great outdoors.

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Why Video?

According to Forrester Research, a video has the exact same value as 1.8 million words do. That is the equivalent of 3,600 web pages! Forrester Research found that video increases the chance of a front-page Google result by 53 times. Considering only 10% of users look past the first page of search results, the first page is where the video needs to be.

A Massive 81% of people feature their video on their brand website

 Online video now accounts for 50% of all mobile traffic.

Last year, online video accounted for 64% of all consumer Internet traffic, and this number is expected to rise to 69% by 2017 and 79% by 2018.

78% of people watch videos online every week.

(Source Digitalist Magazine May 2016)

Why Matt?

Matt is very experienced at helping clients, both small and large, to deliver their message using video content. Whether your product is a global brand or a local ‘start up’ artisan bakery, Matt and his team will take care of everything from conception to completed film.

The filming process is professional and discreet to minimize disruption to your workforce. And through regular communication, Matt ensures that the project moves forward smoothly and that you receive the best possible video for your website.


vivien simpsonVivien Simpson

Lead Generation
Appointment Setting

Vivien's business expertise is in Marketing and Direct Business Development management with international work experience in England, Australia and Hong Kong. She has a proven track record in generating growth in new and existing businesses.

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Vivien has experience of various businesses including commercial and residential contract cleaning, painting contractors, car rental agency, spray painting and panel beating, recruitment agency, residential property sales and property management and shopping centre management. Many of these businesses were owned by Vivien and her husband.

Their real estate agency in Perth West Australia was highly successful and contributed to the property boom years. They expanded to 4 offices and had staff of 32 including their own settlement agency. The company won the award of being the second highest performing group in the north side of Perth. This award was hotly contested amongst estate agents. Vivien also trained people in Property Management at the Real Estate Institute of West Australia.

She delights in talking to people at all levels and had no fear of speaking on the phone to those she does not know. She now enjoys telemarketing including lead generation, appointment setting, direct mail follow up, customer surveys, event booking and follow up and database cleaning. She makes the calls that people do not have time to make for themselves and gets a kick out of helping people to grow their businesses.

Piotr MiarkaPiotr Miarka


Piotr is on the hunt for visually attractive and effective ways to design. Everyday he implements simplicity, legibility and fresh ideas in all projects that he works on. He has had the pleasure to work for well known international brands, small firms and ambitious startups. He is looking for new opportunities to expand his design skills and experience. Piotr loves simplicity and intuitiveness, united with a fresh modern look. He is big fan of mobile app design, UX, interfaces design and data visualizations. Passionate about designing digital products, vector works, as well as branding. Piotr is also a dog owner and novice gardener.

mike gerrish

Mike Gerrish

Graphic Design

Based out of Portishead, Bristol, Mike has more than 25 years of experience in the graphic design industry. He spent much of that time working through agencies, helping businesses to get their message across, before going freelance. He is an expert in the use of Adobe Creative Sweet, Final Cut Pro and Keynote Presentation Software, with a particular penchant for B2B work. He translates what a company is trying to say into something visual, targeted and immediate. A picture is worth a thousand words, and Mike's talent for striking imagery and graphics is second to none.


Yafit DavisYafit Davis

Business Development
Lead Generation
Sales & Marketing Strategy

For the last 15 years, Yafit has worked with a large number of business owners who find the world of sales frustrating and confusing. She saw the situation getting harder ever since Yellow Pages became irrelevant, making way for social media and the web. For a small business owner, there was suddenly so much choice out there that growing their business had become even more time consuming, costly and confusing. Yet you cannot give up on developing and growing your business, of which marketing and sales is a big part. That's why Yafit got into business development. It starts from identifying your opportunities and then works backwards to identify the quickest, most effective way to reach your goals.

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Ever since she can remember, Yafit always liked to create order out of chaos, simplify everything. Saying it in a clearer, more precise way. As her career in business development evolved, she found that using her skill of simplifying a process, defining the choices and painting a clear picture had been key to her success. But speaking to others, she realised that not everybody could or wanted to create order out of chaos as she did. In fact, some people really struggled with it or simply couldn't see the point. She has since accepted that everyone does things differently; still, she strongly believes that simplifying processes, sharpening understanding and striving to precision is key to success.

When Yafit decided to launch Your Business Development Team, she did so because she wanted to share her ability to create order out of chaos and put together clear processes to help define opportunities, approaches and goals with other business owners who passionately wanted to grow their business.

How does she do it? Let's practice what she preaches and keep things simple and clear:

• We start with a plan. How can we get there if we don’t know where are we're going?

• She works with you to understand your target markets, product offering and sales process.

• She analyses where your main opportunities lie.

• She works with you to deliver and achieve the plan.

Martyn Durrant

Martyn Durrant

Software Development
Bespoke App Design

Martyn Durrant is an IT software consultant with nearly 30 years’ experience. He has worked with clients in the public and private sector - large organisations to individuals - across a variety of business verticals. He has a unique combination of technical and 'soft-skills', enabling him to manage projects from start to finish, communicating with customers at a simple, non-technical level.

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Martyn's career began post-university, designing and developing 'Computer-Based-Training' (CBT) applications. This was mainly for the aviation sector in both permanent and contract roles, such as an 'on-site' engagement for 'Cathay Pacific' in Hong Kong.

In 2000 Martyn qualified as a Java/J2EE programming specialist and for 15 years worked as a 'technical consultant' for a Knowledge Management (KM) vendor. This was a challenging role, requiring people who were adaptable and could learn new skills at short-notice to get the job done. As a result Martyn gained valuable experience dealing with customers in both pre and post-sales situations, including project scoping, product demonstrations and application training.
The result of this wealth of experience is a well-rounded software applications specialist, who is equally as happy standing up in front of customers in whatever capacity as well as coding/developing applications.

Martyn's business objective is to use this blend of skills to help SMEs maximise the productivity of their software infrastructure and in doing so help them grow their business. All projects are considered - large or small - delivered utilising a combination of the following services:

Software infrastructure reviews - advise how you can get more out of your applications

Bespoke application design/development - from simple booking management to more complex on-line catalogue building - the possibilities are endless

Application customisations - changes to suit your specific business needs

Integrations - make separate applications talk to each other in a more productive way

Reporting - custom interfaces enabling you to analyse your data the way you want to.

Angela BelassieAngela Belassie


Angela Belassie has enjoyed a successful career in the media industry for more than 10 years.

Following a stint working as a reporter in Italy, she went on to work for nationally owned newspapers and freelanced for the tabloids. One of her first interviews was with current London Mayor Boris Johnson.

Her first job in PR was for Octavia Goredema and her award-winning social enterprise, The Twenty Ten Club. This has since expanded globally and Angela accompanied Octavia when she was awarded an MBE at Buckingham Palace.

Angela has helped a range of professional services gain widespread coverage, including online, in print and broadcast.

She has secured press coverage locally, nationally and globally. Clients have seen an increase in recognition and business leads as a result.

Angela is geared towards helping small businesses get the best coverage possible in order to raise their profile, build their reputation and enhance their credibility.