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social media to promote business

Social Media to Promote Business: 7 Best Practices

Today, using social media to promote business has become standard, and social media is one of the most useful tools in our current marketing arsenal. With this increasing prevalence has come increased confidence—business owners today feel much more comfortable setting up and managing social media accounts than they did just a few years ago, according […]

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guide to social media marketing

Guide to Social Media Marketing: The 5-Step Planning Process

No social media marketing strategy should be undertaken without thorough research being done beforehand, nor is any guide to social media marketing complete without a detailed breakdown of the planning process that underlies effectively using social media to promote one’s business. Social media marketing requires a great deal of synergy in order to meet its […]

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successful social media marketing

Successful Social Media Marketing: 5 Key Steps

As social media has grown more popular, devising a successful social media marketing strategy has become more challenging. The more people use a service, after all, the more crowded it grows, and the more difficult it is to get one’s message across, until ultimately it can feel as though one is shouting into a vacuum. […]

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social network website design

Social Network Website Design for your Business

Social network website design is an integral part of any business in the twenty first century; social networking provides you with a wealth of opportunities that will allow you to gain new clients and build up your company or firm. Networking has always been important in business, but since the introduction of the Internet the […]

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measure social media

Measure Social Media – the Best Practices for any Business

Measure social media or ‘social media monitoring’ is the gathering of information of active social media channels. Tracking websites such as blogs, wikis, news sites, twitter accounts, social network sites, video/photo sharing sites, forums, and message boards, measure social media is like having the opportunity to hear the ‘collective voice’ of the internet’. It is […]

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Social Media Marketing News: Facebook Further Caters to Big Brands With Behavioural Targeting

It’s not exactly shocking social media marketing news that Facebook is getting hungry to woo new interest; the ailing social media platform has seen a marked decline in popularity over the last few years, particularly among teens. Rather than try to reclaim that lost “cool” factor, however, the platform has decided to instead lure big […]

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