Website Speed Test: Seven Free Options You can Easily Find Online

Why Use a Website Speed Test?

If you have noticed that your website has a high bounce rate and low conversion rate, and you are trying to troubleshoot why, using a website speed test tool to test your page load times is highly recommended. There are many easy to use, free testing tools available online and from your Bristol SEO experts at, such as:

Google PageSpeed

Google PageSpeed Insights will review the actual content of your website and generate suggestions to make your page faster, making this website speed test a valuable troubleshooting resource (plus, it’s backed by the world’s largest search engine, so you know its suggestions will work well to optimise your site for Google searches). Google PageSpeed Insights makes recommendations based on the core principles of web page performance, such as resource caching, data upload and download size, and client-server round-trip times.

Website speed test


The humorously named YSlow is Yahoo’s answer to Google’s test described above; it studies web pages, then tells the site owner why they’re slow based on Yahoo!’s criteria for high performance web sites, before offering suggestions for improvement. YSlow employs a points and grading system of evaluation.


GTmetrix draws on both PageSpeed and YSlow to grade your site’s performance and provides recommendations to correct all the issues it finds. This site also goes a step further by providing tools to monitor your site and track its performance, e.g. via video playback and performance reports.


Pingdom will give you a full run-down on what exactly about your web page is fast, slow, and too large, as well as alerting you to the best practices you’re not following. You will be able to analyse your site’s file sizes, load times, total loading speed, etc., and sort these facets into lists for easy reference.

Web Page Analyzer

Web Page Analyzer lacks the bells and whistles of the options above, making it a good choice for those who just want a simple website speed test. Enter your URL to get relevant details about your site’s load times and suggestions for improvement.

Which loads faster?

Which loads faster? will allow you to directly contrast your site’s page load times with the page load times of your competitors, ideal for staying one step ahead of rival sites.

Load Impact

Load Impact will allow you to assess your site’s load times under the impact of mounting traffic, allowing you to judge how your site will perform as its popularity increases.

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