Ways to Drive Ecommerce Traffic

Ways to Drive Ecommerce Traffic by Web Designer Bristol

With Ecommerce all set to become the definitive mode of business transaction in the days ahead, companies with online offerings are leaving nothing to chance to lure customers and retain existing customer base. Most online merchants offer coupons, discounts and deals to ensure better conversion. However an excess of these freebies could leave companies cash strapped. Instead of focusing only on price-based offers, there are other areas where businesses can market better for increasing client base and engagement.

Given below are some methods to drive ecommerce traffic that have been tried and tested by professional web designer Bristol based companies. Offering free deals is a swift and simple way to drive traffic. It is easy to track and help acquire new customers and ensure better conversions. However it could eat up into the margins and profitability of the companies if not used with discretion. Excess of free deals can leave dents in the brand image and a drop in conversions in the long run as customers would be tempted to wait for the offers to shop. However, it can bring in the price-driven shoppers who keep hopping ecommerce sites searching for the best deals; they’re usually not loyal to any particular brands.

It is important to take into account the overall brand strategy before a discount sale promotion. A better strategy for high-end brand companies would be to concentrate on loyal customers rather than concentrate on irregular weekly sales by random shoppers. If the products bring in healthy margins, attractive discounts to trigger daily/weekly sales might be a better option to reach sales target.

Building a successful online business involves lots of innovations and experiments before arriving at a system that suits your brand. It is better to set a goal for every campaign and start in smaller scales to measure the response of buyers.

Web designer Bristol companies can help you set up different types of discounts and offers that generate high traffic and conversions. One of the most popular ways is percentage based discounts. Small discounts of 5 to 10 per cent are useful in generating interest among users. Larger discounts in the range of 20-25% are used to pump up sales while even larger percentages of more than 50% are given to sell excess and out-dated stock.

Free shipping offers are something that most shoppers appreciate. A high shipping cost could turn out to be an inhibitive factor for many shoppers. Based on studies by web designer Bristol based companies, shipping offers can be coupled with a minimum order size to help increase average order value and offset delivery costs e.g. “spend £25 and get free delivery”.

If you are planning an online promotional strategy, it will help to partner with an experienced web designer Bristol company that has requisite expertise and the conversions to substantiate it, check dev.freerangeweb.co.uk for details.

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