Grow Your Business Organically

02 December

A Web 2.0 post modern website requires a number of things to turn it into a living entity. First up, it needs to work in harmony with the search engines. Use an organic strategy that is transparent and honest and is the result of many hours of work rather than ‘black hat’ SEO gimmickry that inevitably end in being kicked out of the search engine listings.

Secondly, it must work in real time to be a true organic website. A blog is a step in the right direction, a search facility is fine, but more interactive content is required to satisfy the needs of your potential customers.

Third and finally, you need to back up your organically grown website with a solid online marketing plan that brings customers to your website perhaps through the search engines, but not because of them.

An organically grown website will grow your business. Just make sure you get the right advice from the outset.

by Barnaby Kirsen – Free Range Websites Ltd