Business Website Designs – 3 Tips from the Pros

There are currently countless different business website designs for companies all across the globe to choose from, and for very good reason as well. The internet is, without question, one of the most powerful and effective resources available to businesses big and small, as a strong online presence is considered essential for anybody looking to really establish themselves in the business world. Because of this, the demand for business website designs has never been greater, with more and more web design companies currently in operation than ever before. If you want to stand any chance of making your business a success, whether you’re predominantly based online or not, a professional, user-friendly, and fully optimised website is absolutely essential. Here’s a look at 3 business website designs tips from the pros, designed to help each and every one of you create the website that your company truly deserves.

Less Scrolling

When you click on a website and you notice your scroll bar on the right hand side of your screen growing smaller and smaller, you immediately realise that the page you’re trying to view will have a lot of content for you to work your way through, meaning your browser may struggle to load due to all of the information it’s trying to load on the page. Web visitors, for the most part at least, don’t want to have to scroll down and down and down a page before they find what they’re looking for, they want to do as little work as possible, which means as little scrolling as possible. Instead of trying to cram everything onto one page, try to link to separate channel or category pages which can then include everything you need including. Remember, less is more in the business website designs world.

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Simplicity is the Key

Remember, we’re in 2015 right now, and your website should reflect that. Of course you need to include all of your relevant information on your site, but try to do so in as few words, links, videos, and images as possible. Your site nowadays should look less like a teenager’s MySpace page from a decade ago, and much more like the professional and efficient webpage that you intend it to be. With your homepage for example, stick with one or two colours, possibly three at a stretch, with perhaps just one large background image on there. Include the relevant pages, and ensure they too are clear and simple to understand.

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Different  

A good business website will be eye-catching, simple to use, professional in appearance, current, and will stand out from the crowd. For that reason, don’t be afraid to be slight different and adventurous with your website. For example, if you site is gardening orientated, rather than a standard arrow pointer, you could instead perhaps have a small tree or a flower instead? If you see a large and unusual font or colour that you think really works on your site, don’t be afraid to give it a go. Remember, we said you should only use no more than a maximum of three colour schemes on your website, but we didn’t say which colours. Instead of generic whites, light blues, and greys, don’t be scared to go with bold and vibrant colours, providing of course, that they’re relevant to your website and company of course.

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