Bristol SEO Company: Penguin 3.0 – What You Need to Know

Bristol SEO Company
Google introduces updates every once in a while to make sure the search results are more refined and displays helpful and relevant information to the user, while cutting out the spam. Penguin updates are no different. One of the main targets of the Penguin upgrades are spammy backlinks, matching or optimized anchor texts and unnatural links. It is expected that Penguin 3.0 will target these with more ferocity than the previous version.

Penguin updates don’t target all sites; but if you’re one of the websites that Google has focused on, there are a few things to be done to make sure your rankings are not stripped. Start with regularly auditing your site content and profiling the different backlinks. There’re tools like this to check if your site has been downgraded since the release. If you were affected by Penguin 2.0, then it’s most likely that you’ll be affected by the newer version too.

What can you do now to prevent adverse effects of the Penguin upgrade?

Remove backlinks for spammy sites. Audit all links and make sure only genuine links are enabled. Links from link directories and other low-quality content sites are looked down upon by Google and must be removed before you’re penalized. Guest post sites have been hammered recently by Matt Cutts, and if you’ve built up links from here, remove them by requesting nofollow to your site from the sites’ authors.

Anchor Links should not match the exact keywords. This happens when the page title is exactly the same as the anchor text, like when the title is Bristol’s best SEO Company, and the anchor text that is linked to the page is also, ‘Bristol SEO Company’. Search for other links in all pages for the same anchor text and remove them all.

The Penguin doesn-t look too favourably on optimised anchor links. Anchor texts should be natural and non-markety. It should something that provides users guidance and a link-way to more relevant information, rather than just a marketing post.

There is ever more emphasis on quality with each Google upgrades. The company is focusing on discovering and bringing to the top of search ranking those web sites that regularly put out quality content and something from which the user benefits; and not necessarily those with the greatest number of tricks and tactics. Sell better products, give more prominence to what the customer needs, and you will more likely fulfil Google’s requirements than establishing dozens of spammy backlinks and low quality content on guest post websites. Clean up your website, follow bristol seo company best practices, perform a detailed audit and even if you’re not targeted by Penguin, it’ll do good for your site profile.

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