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During my time writing and researching for various web design firms, I have noticed that Bristol SEO optimised website designers have a distinct “flavour” to their work versus many other top web design firms in the UK and beyond. Overall, they are often cleaner (i.e., less sprawling graphics and few, if any, animated elements), and appear to place a greater emphasis on being mobile-friendly and tailored for e-commerce than many large web design firms in other areas who, based on their home pages, might at first glance seem more visually engaging and labour-intensive in their style of website construction.

Certainly, visual bells and whistles are enjoyable for their own sake, and a few years ago, it seemed that flash animations and artistic vector graphics were all the rage, but as the use of the internet grows ever more utilitarian in nature—veering away from being a luxury or mere source of entertainment for many—this novelty factor becomes less and less practical. People want real content, and they want it now.

What has become not only practical, but utterly necessary, is SEO. As the world wide web has expanded, the sheer amount of websites on it has grown exponentially, making it harder and harder to become visible, particularly given the fact that people seldom venture beyond the first page of search results.

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Surely, there is no more frustrating a waste than to spend a great deal of money on a graphically complex website, only to have it gather virtual dust on the sixth or seventh page of search engine results.

Bristolian SEO websites cut the clutter for a reason: slow page load times have a deleterious effect on how one’s site is ranked by Google and other search engines. So does a convoluted user experience, so while it may be tempting to get creative and artsy with how people are led around your site (rather than going with the “same old” format of visible menus), that temptation is usually best avoided.

What does raise a site’s search engine ranking is quality content that is devoid of gimmicks (such as “keyword stuffing”) and crafted with relevant titles, headings, descriptions, captions, and tags. Basically, the faster and more organised your website is while providing a large volume of content that people stick around to read (thus lowering a site’s “bounce rate”—the amount of people that enter a site just to leave it again quickly), the higher it is likely to be ranked by various search engines. Likewise, quality content will translate into what is known as “authority;” people will link back to you, and/or cite your content, because it is of value to them in some way. Search engines subsequently feel that you are an authority on your site’s given subject, and rank you higher.

Keyword strategy no longer ends at the outer borders of one’s website, either—social media has become an essential part of how we use the web, and so it has also become important to how people find your website—another element Bristol SEO website designers factor in as a matter of habit. “Multi-Channel Optimization” describes the strategy whereby offsite platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are also optimized around the same keyword phrases as your website, to create consistent branding and train people to associate your brand with certain keywords.

Don’t be fooled by style that has no substance—when choosing a web designer, be they from Bristol or anywhere else, look beyond the colourful surface and make sure you are getting your money’s worth when it comes to future visibility. As Carolyn Shelby, the Chicago Tribune’s Director of SEO, so aptly put it, “Skipping the basics and spending all your time and money on social and ‘fancy stuff’ is the same as skipping brushing your teeth and showering, but buying [teeth whitening] strips and wearing expensive cologne.”

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